IoT vs M2M

IoT vs M2M

M2M, or machine-to-machine, is a direct communication between devices using wired or wireless communication channels. M2M refers to the interaction of two or more devices/machines that are connected to each other. These devices capture data and share with other connected devices, creating an intelligent network of things or systems. Devices could be sensors, actuators, embedded systems or other connected elements.

M2M technology could be present in our homes, offices, shopping malls and other places. Controlling electrical appliances like bulbs and fans using RF or Bluetooth from your smartphone is a simple example of M2M applications at home. Here, the electrical appliance and your smartphone are the two machines interacting with each other.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices embedded with sensors, software and electronics, enabling these devices to communicate with each other and exchange data over a computer network. The things in the IoT refer to hardware devices uniquely identifiable through a network platform within the Internet infrastructure.




M2M is about direct communication between machines.

The IoT is aobut sensors automation and internet platform.

Devices do not necessarily rely on an internet connection

In the majority of cases, devices rely on an internet connection.

A device can be connected through mobile or other network.

Data delivery depends on the internet protocol (IP) network.

Machines normally communicate with a single machine at a time.

Many users can access at one time over the Internet.

It supports point-to-point communication.

It supports cloud communication.

M2M is mostly hardware-based technology.

The IoT is both hardware – and software- based tecnologgy.

Limited integration options, as devices must have corresponding communication standards.

Unlimited integration options, but requires a solution that can manage all of the communications.


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