Terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions apply to all transactions made through the website www.simcardmundi.com. By using this site, the Buyer accepts these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

Buyer refers to the person, firm or company that agrees to buy or purchase Sim Card Mundi Products.

Contract means the contract that is formed between Sim Card Mundi and the Purchaser when Sim Card Mundi confirms by e-mail the Order of the Purchaser.

Sim Card Mundi, with registered office in the United States.

Products means the goods or services that the Buyer agrees to purchase from Sim Card Mundi, namely the Global SIMcards including the airtime provided with the SIMcards and any other products advertised on the Website.

Order means the order for the Products that the Buyer places with Sim Card Mundi.

SIMcard means the Global SIMcard ordered by the Buyer via the Website.

Website means the website simcardmundi.com.

2. Accuracy of information

All information published on the Website has either been made available or provided by suppliers and manufacturers or obtained from the public domain. Sim Card Mundi has every intention of providing accurate and up to date information but cannot guarantee the reliability or the accuracy of the information contained within its pages.

3. General

These terms and conditions do not affect the Buyer’s statutory rights.

4. Age

The Buyer or the Buyer’s representative must be 18 years of age or older to order Products through the Website. By placing an Order the Buyer or the Buyer’s representative acknowledges that he or she is 18 years of age or older.

5. GSM Network Coverage

Sim Card Mundis SIMcards utilse third party telecommunication systems to allow the SIMcards to operate correctly and services to be provided. Whilst Sim Card Mundi will make every endeavour to ensure the continuation of the coverage by the third party supplier, the telecommunication network is controlled solely by the third party network providers and Sim Card Mundi can accept no liability incurred by the Buyer resulting directly or indirectly from the failure by the third party to maintain the operation of the telecommunication system.

6. Products

The nature of the Products is such that they are regularly updated by the manufacturers. On occasion the specification of the Products may vary from the information provided on the Website. For the avoidance of doubt the description of the Products on the Website is only to provide an indication of functionality and use.

7. Formation of the Contract

7.1 The Buyer acknowledges that by placing an Order for the Products it is making an offer to Sim Card Mundi to purchase the said Products.

7.2 Sim Card Mundi shall accept the offer made in accordance with clause 7.1 by sending an email to the Buyer confirming its acceptance of the offer and confirming the Products to be delivered.

7.3 Any Products ordered by the Buyer and which have not been confirmed in the e-mail confirmation do not form part of that Order.

8. Payment Methods

Sim Card Mundi will accept payment via PayPal. The Buyer must provide Sim Card Mundi with the Buyer’s billing address and telephone number at the time of the Order. The Buyer’s Order will only be processed once authorisation of the Buyer's pay has been properly received and verified.

Sim Card Mundi will not store a customers credit card or debit details, only a payment reference is stored.

9. Credit Card Security and Fraud Prevention

9.1 In deciding whether to accept the Buyer’s Order Sim Card Mundi may use the information the Buyer has given to Sim Card Mundi, or which Sim Card Mundi already holds about the Buyer, or which Sim Card Mundi receives from any enquiry Sim Card Mundi may contact various fraud prevention systems or companies, to confirm the Buyer’s identity, check if the credit card is valid or has been reported stolen. Sim Card Mundi utilses Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code to assist Sim Card Mundi in protecting the Buyer and Sim Card Mundi from fraudulent transactions.

9.2 Sim Card Mundi will take all reasonable steps in protecting the Buyer’s privacy and will not knowingly sell, trade or rent the Buyer’s personal information to any third party.

9.3 Sim Card Mundi will not store credit card details.

9.4 Sim Card Mundi and the simcardmundi.com website adheres to PCI compliance requirements.

10. Delivery

10.1 Products will normally be dispatched within 1-3 working days from the date on which the Buyer’s payment is cleared; however, certain Products may be subject to availability and may therefore lead to a delay in dispatch. If Sim Card Mundi or Sim Card Mundi’s suppliers are temporarily out of stock, Sim Card Mundi will notify the Buyer within 7 days and will advise of an expected delivery date.

10.2 Any date Sim Card Mundi specifies for the delivery of the Products is approximate only and shall not be of the essence in respect of these terms and conditions.

10.3 Sim Card Mundi shall not be liable for any consequential loss, costs, damages, charges, or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the Products.

10.4 Notwithstanding clause 10.1 in the event that dispatch of the Products is delayed by 14 days or more the Buyer will have the right to cancel any part of the Order not dispatched and Sim Card Mundi will refund the appropriate payment to the Buyer within 28 days.

10.5 Sim Card Mundi will issue the Buyer with an electronic invoice once the Buyer’s Order has been dispatched.

11. Risk

The Buyer will be liable for the Products upon delivery to the address as stated in the Order. Products will only be delivered to the address as stated in the Order. Products will not be left at the address without a signature.

12. Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are dependent on the Product purchased and shipping method selected and are indicated when ordering. Delivery prices quoted at the time of order for worldwide. Items are delivered by Royal Mail or courier.

13. Products Lost In Transit

Sim Card Mundi will not be liable for Products lost in transit unless the Buyer has notified Sim Card Mundi immediately upon becoming aware that the Products have not been delivered. If the Products arrive in a damaged condition the Buyer is responsible for informing Sim Card Mundi immediately upon delivery. The Buyer shall be obliged to provide all necessary consignment notes and carrier details. The Buyer shall notify Sim Card Mundi immediately upon becoming aware of any wrongly supplied Products.

14. Returns Policy

14.1 Non-faulty Returns:

14.1.1 The Buyer can change its mind and return the Products within 14 days of receipt. Should the Buyer wish to return the Products, the Buyer should inform Sim Card Mundi of its intention in writing giving the appropriate invoice number and their relevant contact details together with full details of the Product they are returning.

14.1.2 The Buyer will receive a credit note or refund less any applicable delivery charges and restocking fee, provided the Products are unused and are in ‘as new’ and resaleable condition in their original box with unopened packaging including all manuals and accessories. Any SIMcard must still be intact in its ‘credit card’ -style card and no calls must have been made on any online or telecommunications system to or from the SIM card phone number.

14.1.3 It is the Buyer’s responsibility to return the Products to Sim Card Mundi at the Buyer’s own cost and risk. Until the Products are received back by Sim Card Mundi the Buyer shall remain liable for the Products and shall indemnify Sim Card Mundi in respect of any loss or damages suffered by Sim Card Mundi as a result of the Buyer’s failure to return the Products in an ‘as new’ and resaleable condition.

14.1.4 A change in call rates will not be grounds for returning the SIM card or providing a refund.

14.1.5 Sim Card Mundi reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 10% to cover administration costs.

14.1.6 Sim Card Mundi will only refund standard shipping charges. If you ordered express or next day delivery, Sim Card Mundi is only obliged to refund the standard shipping cost.

14.2 Faulty Returns:

14.2.1 If the Buyer believes the Products to be faulty upon delivery then the Buyer should immediately notify Sim Card Mundi in writing giving the appropriate invoice number and their relevant contact details together with full details of the fault affecting the Product. The Buyer shall then immediately return any such faulty Products directly to Sim Card Mundi.

14.2.2 Sim Card Mundi shall assess any faulty Products and shall use all reasonable endeavours to repair the Product. If it is not possible to repair the Product then Sim Card Mundi shall offer the Buyer a replacement Product or a full refund at the Buyer’s option.

14.2.3 In the event that any Product returned to Sim Card Mundi in accordance with this clause 14.2 is found not to be faulty then Sim Card Mundi shall have no liability to replace the Product or provide a refund if the Product has been returned more than 14 days from the date of receipt.

15. Refunds, Call Credit and Fair Useage Policy

15.1 Sim Card Mundi shall not accept any responsibility for refunding unused credit that has been applied to the Product, either at the time of purchase or post purchase.

15.2 Fair Usage. Sim Card Mundi reserves the right to monitor usage, to apply call charges and/or withdraw the service from any SIMcard, and associated accounts, supplied to the Buyer at any time in the case of overuse or abuse of the free incoming calls facility. Sim Card Mundi will not be liable for reimbursement, compensation of call credit or purchase price or any subsequential loss of any SIMcard or account that is suspended under this Fair Usage Policy.

A positive call credit balance of at least $0.01 must be maintained on the SIM account to receive free incoming calls. If a SIM has $0.00  balance the SIM account will be locked until call credit is added to the account.

This comment does not form part of our terms: Some customers get concerned that if they receive too many free incoming calls they will have their SIM disabled. This is not the case. The “fair usage policy” is in place to protect Sim Card Mundi and its customers from significant abuse by individuals or resellers that only ever intend to use the free incoming call facility. Sim Card Mundi is able to offer good value calling and free incoming calls based on a fair and reasonable business model. One of the variables in that model is the assumption that the majority of customers will use their SIM for incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. Users who significantly abuse the free incoming, could, if allowed, “unbalance” the model. This means that those customers who use the SIM “fair and reasonably” could potentially see an increase in call costs and are effectively “subsidising” those that never contribute to the model. We think this is unfair on those customers who make and receive calls and use their SIM in a fair and reasonable manner. Sim Card Mundi has seen many companies come and go, some of which have “gone” due to abusers. We at Sim Card Mundi believe that a customer wants a good product and service at reasonable prices, but importantly, wants reliability and longevity of the service they have paid for. The fair usage policy is rarely implemented and forms part of our terms to protect Sim Card Mundi and you, the customer.

15.3 Validity Period. The SIMcard and SIMcard phone number has a minimum Validity Period of 12 months from the date of purchase. On each annual anniversary date, Sim Card Mundi reserves the right to cancel any SIM and its phone number (MSISDN) if it has not been used in the previous 12 months.

16. Device Unlocking

16.1 The SIMcard requires an “Unlocked” mobile handset or device to operate. Responsibility for unlocking the mobile phone handset shall reside with the Buyer.

16.2 Sim Card Mundi shall not accept liability for any handsets that cannot be unlocked and shall not be liable for providing a refund in the event that a Buyer’s handset cannot be unlocked.

17. Device Compatibility

17.1 SIMcards are supplied in standard (2FF) and MicroSIM (3FF) sizes on one “dual cut” SIM card.

17.2 By placing an Order for the SIMcard, the Buyer confirms that they have checked the size of the SIMcard required for the device with which it is intended to be used. Sim Card Mundi will not accept any liability for the SIMcard being incompatible with the Buyer’s handset.

17.3 No refunds will be provided in the event that the Buyer’s handset is incompatible with the SIMcard.

18. Device Unlocking

18.1 The SIMcard requires an “Unlocked” mobile handset or device to operate. Responsibility for unlocking the mobile phone handset shall reside with the Buyer.

18.2 Sim Card Mundi shall not accept liability for any handsets that cannot be unlocked and shall not be liable for providing a refund in the event that a Buyer’s handset cannot be unlocked.


All prices listed on the Website shall be exclusive of VAT. Delivery charges shall be indicated at the time of order and in an email confirmation.

20. Typographical Errors

20.1 If a Product has been or is listed with an incorrect price due to a typographical error or an error in pricing information from Sim Card Mundi’s suppliers, Sim Card Mundi shall have the right to cancel any Orders listed at the incorrect price.

20.2 In the event that any such price change has occurred Sim Card Mundi shall refund any charges including delivery charges, if the Buyer’s account or credit card has been charged, and cancel the Buyer’s Order.

21. Guarantees

All Products supplied are covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warranty.

22. Rights of Third Parties

The Contract is made for the benefit of the parties to it and (where applicable) their successors and permitted assigns and is not intended to benefit, or be enforceable by, anyone else.

23. Miscellaneous

23.1 These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Sim Card Mundi reserves the right to modify, add and delete any of the services provided through any Product from those that are available at the time of purchase.

23.2 The Buyer is solely responsible for the content of information and communications transmitted using the Services. Sim Card Mundi will not be liable nor accept any liability for incorrect use of any Product.

23.3 A Sim Card Mundi phone number is not portable to a “Publicy Available Telephony Service”.

24. Communication

Sim Card Mundi, may from time to time contact the customer by email or other electronic means regarding technical issues, alerts or promotional information. The customer may unsubscribe from email notifications. Urgent technical alerts or service related issues will be broadcast to all customers including those not subscribed.