• BANKS: Tellers, Credit Cards Processing, Dataphones and others.

• SAFETY: GSM Alarm, Satellite vehicle tracking systems, panic buttons.

• ACCESS CONTROL: Data transmission to access control centers.

• COMMERCIAL: For vending machine food and beverage.

• PUBLIC COMPANIES: Sending data to billing centers of public services. Electricity-Gas-Water.

• HEALTH: Sending data from Health monitoring devices.

• CITIES: Traffic Light Control, Streaming video, parking meters.

• SPORTS: Monitoring control devices used by athletes.

• TELEMETRY: Water pumps data, Power Transformers, motor generators, pumps opening and closing.

• ADVERTISING: Control of advertising displays and other advertising elements.

• COMMUNITY ALARMS: In case of earthquakes or alarm events.

• ENVIRONMENT: To transmit sonic intensity and sample collection.

• ELDERLY AND CHILDREN: Transmission of events to devices for older adults and children including emergency panic button.


ONE INVOICE for all your SIM Cards.

Rates adapted to your project: Flat Monthly Charge or based in real consumption.

Single invoice, regardless of the number of SIM cards activated and selected operators.

Invoice sent by email or from your online account Sim Card Mundi Manager.


The advent of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has standardized the sending and receiving of multimedia content from mobile phones and handhelds. It has extended the core capability of Short Message Service that allowed exchange of 160-character text messages and has since become a popular method of delivering photographs, text content, videos, web pictures etc.

Detailed online tracking module, which lets you optimize your consumption (Data, SMS, MMS and voice) and expected annual costs.

You can suspend each sim card at any time and not be billed while this condition.

By buying lots of Sim Card Mundi, they are billed only when activated.

Possibility to disable each Sim Card at any time  through the management module.

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M2M (machine to machine, machine to machine) is a generic concept that refers to the exchange of information or communication in data format between two remote machines.

Fundamental elements

The fundamental elements that appear in all M2M environments are the following:

Machines to be managed: Fleet management, Domestic alarms, POS (Point of sale terminals), Water / gas / electricity meters, information panels on roads, vending machines, telemaintenance of elevators, weather stations, etc.

M & M device: module connected to a remote machine that provides communication with the server. Usually, the M2M device also consists of process capability where the business application is executed.

On the one hand, it implements the protocol to be able to communicate with the machine and on the other hand implements the communication protocol for sending information.

Server: Computer that manages the sending and receiving of information of the machines it manages. Usually it is also integrated with the core business of the company (ERP, GIS maps of traceability of fleets of trucks, ordering system, central receiving alarms, Helpdesk, etc.) so that the information received by the server becomes part Business criticism

Communication network: can be of two natures mainly, through cable: PLC, Ethernet, RTC, ISDN, ADSL etc., or through wireless networks: GSM / UMTS / HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee, UWB, etc.

Sim Card M2M Mundi Corp offers the Global Global M2M service SIM cards work all over the world, in more than 200 countries and in more than 1100 networks, which guarantees that your M2M device remains connected, wherever you are. Our M2M SIM cards are not linked to any single network and will move between several networks. This means that if a particular network has poor coverage in one location, your Global SIM M2M will switch to another network to keep your M2M device connected.